Regulatory Approvals
Aqueous ozone (the process of turning water into a powerful cleaner) has been used commercially for over a century and is now widely used to sanitize drinking water, fresh produce, beverage bottles, swimming pools and surgical instruments.

Because of its power, purity and regulatory approvals, aqueous ozone is the sanitizer of choice for the bottled water industry.
Test Results & Regulatory Proof​

​​Aqueous ozone complies with strict industry standards and has been thoroughly tested by a number of agencies:
EPA Regulation of Pest Control Devices
This report addresses the EPA requirements for the ozone-generating device.

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FDA Approved Process Statement
On June 26, 2001 the U.S. FDA approved the use of ozone as an antimicrobial agent in the gas or liquid phases for direct contact with foods. This paper discusses and interprets specific wordings of the FDA approval in terms of several food uses of ozone and existing safety regulations.

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USDA Approved Process Statement
The USDA/National Organic Program (NOP) Ozone Approval Document

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Cleaning (TURI) Test Results
SSL Cleaning Product Performance Review & TURI Surface Solutions Laboratory Evaluation Summary

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Aqueous Ozone For 100% Chemical-Free Commercial Cleaning
Information Memorandum — September 2011

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Bacteria Test Results

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Pesticide Test Results

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Result for Food Contact Surfaces
From Mycoscience Inc., Specialists in Microbiology & Regulatory Affairs. Results of efficacy study of lotus Sanitizing System for use as a sanitizer for food contact surfaces.

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Microbiological Aspects of Ozone
Ozone is a powerful antimicrobial agent that is suitable for application in food in the gaseous and aqueous states.

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Ozone Gas is an Effective and Practical Antibacterial Agent
From the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) - Applied Epidemiology in Health Care Settings and the Community.

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Aqueous Ozone: Summary Pathogen Kill Rates & Data
Aqueous Ozone - known scientifically as aqueous ozone - is approved by the EPA and FDA as a 100% natural, safe and effective cleaner and sanitizer. Shows charts measuring the power of liquefied ozone and time required to destroy bacteria and viruses.

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Commercial Cleaning Products & Technologies: Comparative Summary
A comparison grid listing how the product works, compliance and effectiveness for each technology.

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